Seat Heater

Heated car seat, car seat warmer, cars with heated seats, car seat heating pad|MIYO is a Professional Heating applications Company from Taiwan.

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Cars With Heated Seats

Product Applications: Seat heater 

Product Temperature ranges: 40-57 ℃

  • Car seat warmer、Cars with heated seats, Inside the car, MIYO had engineered tensile strength heating element for assembly within car, truck seats and back seats to improve passenger comfort for long journeys.

    Not only apply to automobile, we also offer household application to create an ideal climate and adding gentel heat to relax tense muscles in you back.

  • Excellent performance of the temperature distribution
  • Low watt consumption and high efficiency.
  • Stable and durable
  • Main Customers:ARGUS SECURITY
  • Product selling area: Taiwan, Japan