Taipei Automobile Electric Part Exhibition

Thanks for your visiting our booth at Taipei AMPA exhibition 2017.

Taipei AMPA, the biggest automobile part exhibition in east Asia and Taiwan with 1600 company and 3700+ booth participating.

MIYO was here to show our polyester film heater, polyimide film heater and silicone rubber heater.

The various application of heater were focus on rear view mirror, DVR, camera defog and many of industrial grade electric device on car that may facing low temperature freeze problems.

Our's flexible heater can provide warm up function and defog function that gives your device more robust while in extremely low temperature -40 degree c weather.

What's more is that we manufacturing 1.5 million piece rear view mirror heater to our customer worldwide and earn their confidence on product.

For any low temperature problems, we believe we can give you solutions.