New ecall system and Autopilot chip application on cars

New heater application launch on ecall system and autopilot chip!

ecall system(wiki)

ecall system is a new automobile standard that release by EU that all the car on market should have ecall system after 2018. its will automatically dial to local emergency agency when car accident happened and locate position via GPS then report agency where the accident is.Our polyimide film heater integrated with thermal fuse that provide ecall system battery a stable performance while in low extreme weather. ex -20 degree c.

Why ecall system and autopilot system need heater?

Current battery technology such as Li-on battery and  Mercury battery will have low performance in low temperature environment.

Thus heater were design to provide warm function to improve battery performance and keep system work property.

Another application is heater can also provide heat to chip to avoid chip freeze and out of function.

If you have battery and chip freeze problem, we are welcome to provide solutions to device.

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