Introducing to bio-technology and medical device heater

Implementation of flexible heater

Flexible heating element、Flexible heating pad.

Design and application for flexible heater were unique. Following question were frequently asked
"In what situation we will need heater?"
"What we going to solve is thermal problem not heating problem"
In some extreme condition, we may face needed of heating. So, we are going to discuss the application scope for the heater for you to understand more about heater development and applications.

Application of heaters

In the development stage, the first priority us to understand what our customer's requirement for their product.

  • Material of heating target
  • Thickness of heating target
  • Working condition ex: minus 40 degree c environment
  • Target temperature
  • Ramp up(Warm up)time
  • Certification requirement
With above information, our FAE and Engineer can rapidly recommend heating material substrate.

Congrats! We are now success entering stage 1 of heater development.

Challenge from minus 40 to 200 degree c

-Heater application in medical and biotechnology

Medical-Bio industrial build a high entering gate for new comers due high standard for the product protect mechanical design and certified process, thus medical-bio device will have longer development period compare to electric devices.
It takes 1-2 years for new product from development to mass production. Medical-bio device also provide higher sticky to their supplier due high product quality requirement and generate win-win result to customer and supplier.
Point to medical-bio device heater inquiry and requirement such as (BD Biosciences, Thermo Fisher, Qiagen, ILLUMINA, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, Enzo Life Sciences, Fluidigm)

MIYO technology provide medical class rating heater in MMA(Medical Manufacturing Asia)Singapore. These heater were widely using on Real-time PCR(qPC/qrt-PCR)、CPAP、Bio Chip、Blood Diagnostics、Respirators、Incubators、Thermal cycler devices.

This heater can provide highly customized and lower tooling cost compare to current MICA and Ceramic heaters.
(Real-time polymerase chain reaction : Quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction,qPC/qrt-PCR)
In addition, we can accept ODM according to customer's requirement and design, provide variety heating element choosing. We also provide highly reliable protect design and many of standard type heater sample. We hope to provide rapidly support and react to customer on heater implement and test.

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