Future applications: 5G,AI outdoor device heater

There estimate more 2 million set of 5G base device world wide in 2020 and continue increase.

5G, The 5th generation communication revolutions, which will be largely increase and participate into ours life which from

mobile phone, IOT device, indoor electric device, automobile device, military and communication device.

Nearly all device need to be internet connected and linked.

When linked, ten of thousands device around us must need work function properly. 

Indoor is fine but what if outdoor and under minus 20 degree c.

What will happened to our device?

Low temperature is the main enemy. 

First, cold and freeze will down device. Which CPU and control  chips inside device will down.

Second, Snow may fog on device, cause lens blurred, unable to see clearly.

MIYO Taiwan had development film heater for such solutions for years.

We provide plenty and variety heater solutions to above problem.

Every year, we production 2M pieces heater to our customer worldwide.

When cold start problem comes to your devices, just contact us, we believe you can find best and competitive solution from us. 

Whenever next generation applications comes, MIYO film heater will support you to be pioneer as the solution provider.