How to decide heater material

How to decide heater material?

This is the frequency question we will asked while we presentation at customer side.

Thus, we had come to conclusion follows to help you decide material.

a.What material you are going to assembly heater on? also material thickness.

b.The max and minimum temperature in heater working environment. (ex -40 to +200 degree C) 

c.Heater dimension(Width X Length)

d.The max and minimum temperature for heater.

e.Applications products.

f. DC or AC input

e. Temperature control of the heater(ex Integrated thermistor and Thermostat)

We are also providing standard heater sample for your pre-testing.

You can collect answer to the above question and get back discuss with us by using standard sample testing.

Contact us for more samples if list didn't meet your design requirement

Standard heater drawing here

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