New product application launch in June 2018

MIYO Technology was established in 2001, it has been committed to providing superior low-temperature solutions for major companies.

We use Polyester substrate as the heating sheet insulation material and upgrade it to the Polyimide Film substrate, material max working temperature can increased from 80 degrees to 150 degrees C.

MIYO now become the domestic and Asia-Pacific region's premier developer of heating film.

In June 2018, we also launched new application solutions for battery modules and chips ahead of other competitors.

By using Polyimide and advanced etching process, We can accurately heat the object to be heated.

The precise heating application design can effectively reduce the power consumption requirements, so that our heater element can complete the heating requirements from minus 40 degrees to a positive temperature with a low power density use.

In addition, with the temperature control element in the heating plate body, the risk of the heated object being damaged due to the high temperature in the heating process can be eliminated, and the safety and usability of the heating element and the product at extremely low temperatures can be greatly improved.

In the field of chip set heating, we also use custom-made dimension and our unique metal materials to design circuits to avoid chip set been freeze in low temperature.

The design of a heater can be placed in close proximity to the chip and at the same time maintains the cooling requirements for the original chips, allows the product to operate from minus 40 degrees to 80 degrees, improving product competitiveness.

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