M16878-4 Polymide Film Heater

M16878-4 NEMA HP Definition

Capable of operating at extreme temperatures of -65 ° C to 260 ° C (-85 ° F to 500 ° F), M16878 wire can meet all your needs in almost any environment, with a rated voltage range of 250 to 5000 volts ).

In recent years, low-temperature environments are common, and products face low-temperature conditions.

Under the condition that the Teflon wire temperature resistance of -40 ° C has no longer satisfied now.

Thus, the need for M16878-4 wire appearing.

Miyo Technology has customer continuously using our heating pads in military equipment applications

Used to solve the problems of panel lighting ,de-fogging and motherboard CPU boot problem (e.g. Intel coffee lake CPU)

Miyo Technology introduced M16878-4 wire design in heating pad in polyimide kapton and Silicone heating pads.

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