Miyo Technology’s Innovative Design Debuts

MIYO Technology is a young but aggressive company with 15 years of experience in heater development. The company’s invention on “double sided film heater” was patented (China Patent#530,650) soon after their establishment. The enhancement allows the film heater to activate on both sides, top and bottom. By increasing the attached contact area of the film heater, the thermal efficiency boosts easily.

        With the fact that medical and biotechnology breakthroughs are occurring faster than ever nowadays, MIYO understands that most customers are constantly facing challenges of products enhancement and innovative design. While having unique capabilities, MIYO is able to create solutions to meet OEM customers’ exacting performance requirements. Dedicated professional team from electronics and heating industry are gathered, by which enables MIYO to provide the most efficient and competitive products to customers. When it comes to the biomedical field, its state-of-the-art technology and innovative manufacturing techniques are worth of reliance.    
        MIYO’s heaters are engineered to meet exacting medical standards and pass extreme test conditions, as well as easy attachment to the device in the assembly process. The outstanding capabilities allow MIYO to integrate any combination of its high quality heaters to provide innovative solutions. Let’s not forget that integrating components could creates a simplified supply chain which leads to getting to market faster and reducing the direct costs.
        MIYO’s products own the most impressive features. The flexibility and thickness only up to 0.2 mm makes the heaters compatible with wide variety of shape, termination, sensor options and also offering countless design alternatives for any applications. The thin profile reduces heater space requirements to improve medical device portability while optimizing efficiency. What’s more, the working temperature may go from -40 deg C to +200 deg C; As for assembling, incorporated temperature sensors are available, so do the custom geometry permits holes, notches and 3-D shapes. Therefore, the heaters are applied to a wide range of productions such as the followings: DNA analysis, respirators, Incubators, blood  diagnostics, blood/fluid warming, instrument warming, temperature therapy and sterilization equipments.
        MIYO is proud to present its most distinguished products in Medical Fair Singapore: Polyimide film heater,  Polyester Film Heater and Silicone Rubber Heater.
Polyimide Film Heater    
        Ultra-thin, lightweight, superior low thermal capacity, excellent electrical insulation properties and mounted with temperature sensing element, MIYO’s Polyimide Film Heater provide solutions and had been widely used in various fields as a heat material.
•       Lightweight, Thin-0.20mm
•       High Temperature thermal mass up to 150 degree Celsius
•       Moisture and Chemical Resistance
•       Good resistance to radiation
•       Customized power density and Power input design depend on requirement
•       Cut-Through Resistance
•       UL approval Material
•       RoHS Product Compliance
•       Bio and Medical Device
•       Humidifier for CPAP
•       DNA Thermocycler
•       Simply use adhesive to sticky. Providing alternative adhesive choice depend on mounting surface and specifications.
        Lead out
•       Connector, Lead wire, FPC connector contact terminal is applicable
Polyester Film Heater 
        With low thermal heat capacity characteristics, Polyester Film Heater can provide rapid and superior heat conductivity to the surface that to be heated.
For low temperature heating needs, MIYO’s Polyester Film Heater will be the best solution.
•       Light weight /Thin and Low Thermal Mass
•       Maximum Heater Size 750mm squared
•       105 Degree Celsius Maximum (221 F)
•       Moisture Resistant
•       Customized power density and Power input design depend on requirement
•       RoHS product Compliance
•       Ink & Etching Tech choice
•       2 layer structure, provides double sided heated to surface uniformly with special etch circuit design.
•       Automobile Devices
•       Low and medium thermal mass products
•         provides customizable adhesive choice depend on mounting surface and specifications.
        Lead out
•         Connector, Lead wire, terminal is applicable
Silicone Rubber Heater
Silicone heating film has excellent performance, especially at high temperatures and acid-resistant.
•       High Temperature up to 230 degree Celsius 
•       Robust against to Acid and Alkali
•       Variety shape / Watt upon require
•       UL Certified Material
•       RoHS Compliance
•       Double sided insulation rubber & Etching or Wire wound circuit layout
•       Tank Heater
•       High Temp / Rapid Heating
•       Adhesive / Vulcanization or Silicone encapsulation
        Lead out
•       Connector, Lead wire
Certificated MIYO
        MIYO has been a direct supplier to American and multinational top companies, such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent Technologies: the former is famous for biotechnology product development, and the later provides analytical instruments for the entire laboratory workflow. The remarkable Taiwan based MIYO Technology’s products are also certified by many international well known certification, from the must have ISO to ETL, UL, CE to environmental friendly ROHS 2.0. All in all proved this company’s determination on self-improvement and supreme products.
        Once starting the cooperation, as MIYO team emphasis on immediate response to customers’ needs, enquirers will receive instant response to not just enquiries but also samples on demands. With a wealth of development experience, MIYO can help shorten development time and save cost. In short, MIYO’s industry leading use of thin, high temperature materials maximize heater capability and device reliability.
Footage: MIYO is proud to reveal the certification details as following for your reference.
Polyester Film Heater 
ISO9001:2008 Certification, No: AJA03/6486
•Manufacturer of Control No: 3167500
•Standards: UL499 & CSA C22.2
•Manufacturer of File No: E464853
•Standards: UL499 & CSA C22.2
•Report No: ETS-070613 (EN 60335-1)
•Report No: ETS-070614 (EN 50366)
ROHS 2.0
•All products comply with GP regulations