Foldable film heater

In the development of electric heating film, can be divided into hard and soft heating film: Ming You soft heating film can be called flexible heating film, due to the material characteristics, the flexible electric heating plate can be designed on the electric heating plate to make the product more resistant to distortion of appearance. Based on our patented design, Electric heating plate can be more than 90 degrees bending design and will not affect the current and heating film applications...

Best film heater provider Taiwan

MIYO are continue dedicated heater film developments since 2001 when company was establishment. -Polyester film heater- -Polyimide film heater -Silicone rubber heater These all heater products push heater application and customer's product to ultimate territory and enhance product function in low and high temperature. Contact us for more information and support www.miyo.com.tw/contact-us.htm

We will exhibit in Medical Fair Thailand 2017

We will join Medical Fair 2017 in Bangkok to demonstrate more heater applications and solutions. -BIO CHIP HEATER -PCR HEATER -THERMAL CYCLER -BLOOD TEST HEATER -CPAP DEVICE HEATER -DENTAL CLINIC DEVICE HEATER Contact us for or link towww.medicalfair-thailand.commedical fair official website for more information

What heater film can do for me?

For most electricity device working in low temperature facing a problem is my device part will shutdown as -Chip set down -Panel unable to display or touching function down -Hard drive down -Motor zoom in/out function fail When these problem happened, engineer need to find higher specification equipment that means cost increase a lot. Now, MIYO Taiwan film heater can solve your problem by introducing film heater by -Polyester film -Polyimide film ...

New ecall system and Autopilot chip application on cars

New heater application launch on ecall system and autopilot chip! ecall system(wiki): ecall system is a new automobile standard that release by EU that all the car on market should have ecall system after 2018. its will automatically dial to local emergency agency when car accident happened and locate position via GPS then report agency where the accident is.Our polyimide film heater integrated with thermal fuse that provide ecall system battery a stable performance while in low extr...

Standard Polyimide heater sample list

It is glad to announce that MIYO Technology Co., Ltd (Taiwan) are providing standard heater now. Welcome contact us for free sample. if list can not fulfill your design request please contact us miyo@miyo.com.tw or download EDM for more heater information! See drawing design click here

How to decide heater material

How to decide heater material? This is the frequency question we will asked while we presentation at customer side. Thus, we had come to conclusion follows to help you decide material. a.What material you are going to assembly heater on? also material thickness. b.The max and minimum temperature in heater working environment. (ex -40 to +200 degree C) c.Heater dimension(Width X Length) d.The max and minimum temperature for heater. e.Applications products. f. DC or AC in...

Applications for the flexible Polyimide heater

Heater are also called flexible heater, thin film heater, kapton heater (polyimide kapton) The main application of flexible heater is environmental sustainability. The electric component such as system soc/cpu, panel, hard drive, memory/ram, battery will facing problem shut down or display issue, low efficiency on Li-on battery. Thus, engineer will design heater with mechanical to solve these problem. Our 0.2mm kapton heater were highly customized that can design pattern/dimension depend on...

Introducing to bio-technology and medical device heater

Implementation of flexible heater Flexible heating element、Flexible heating pad. Design and application for flexible heater were unique. Following question were frequently asked "In what situation we will need heater?" "What we going to solve is thermal problem not heating problem" In some extreme condition, we may face needed of heating. So, we are going to discuss the application scope for the heater for you to understand more about heater development and applications. ...

Taipei Automobile Electric Part Exhibition

Thanks for your visiting our booth at Taipei AMPA exhibition 2017. Taipei AMPA, the biggest automobile part exhibition in east Asia and Taiwan with 1600 company and 3700+ booth participating. MIYO was here to show our polyester film heater, polyimide film heater and silicone rubber heater. The various application of heater were focus on rear view mirror, DVR, camera defog and many of industrial grade electric device on car that may facing low temperature freeze problems. Our's flex...

Sourcing Policy for Conflict Mineral

Reported by EICC ,that the origin of these minerals has become the Democratic Republic of Congo’s main revenue sources of armed rebel groups ,to deal in arms ,continued its bloody conflict between government force , devastated the local civilian population ,thus triggering international disputes .MIYO Technology ,as the global citizen , we declare and commit to refusing the application of metals from fighting region ; meanwhile , we request MIYO Technology’ supply chain: 1) Conduct your...

Industrial Grade 90degree bendable Thin-Film Heater

Please visit our booth at Taipei AMPA for more information about what we can do to your devices while in low temperature environment. Exhibition: 2017 Taipei AMPA Booth No: L0021 Exhibition date: 19th-22th APR, 2017. Exhibition location: Taipei Nankang Exhibition Center