Industrial Grade Polyimide Film Heater (-60~+150 Degree C)

Polyimide film heaters are produced by chemical etching process and can be made in an unlimited range of shapes, sizes and wattages. Their thin, lightweight design (0.15 mm thick) allows close thermal contact for maximum heating efficiency, and also permits close adaptation to the outline of the part with temperatures up to 150°C continuously and 200°

Polyester Thin Film Heater (-60~+105 Degree C)

Polyester Thin Film Heater, They are mostly used in low power applications at middle to high voltage were one normally need to use rather precious metals to get the as low power as need, normally apply for Economical mass production and low wattage application.

High Temperature Industrial Grade Silicone Rubber Heater (-60~+230 Degree C)

Silicone rubber heaters are produced by chemical etching and allowed to reduce the thickness of the heating element down to min. 1.0 mm with temperatures up to 230°C continuously and up to 300°C for peaks.