Surveillance Devices


Product Applications: Surveillance  Devices, Camera Heater

Special requirements :Uniform temperature distribution   

Temperature conditions: -50℃  

Extremely working environment- Cold machine start up
You will never imaging what will it happened while your device work under minus 40 degree celsius.
Outdoor surveillance devices exposed to cold temperature that will create design challenges for manufacturers, extremely thermal cycles cause impact to electronics, restrict moving parts, bring out other functional and operational problems. Miyo provides a perfect heating solution featured with special selected Polyimide film heater, helps not only to keep system temperatures at a much more stable environment, but also easy to solve surveillance system issues against extreme weather, including: 

  • Eliminate chipset malfunction in cold temperature 
    All can be customized and greatly show our different from other Heater
  • Prevent ice build‐up and moisture condensation (Defogging function) 
  • Unique patented zone independent heating
  • Excellent performance of the temperature distribution
  • Low watt consumption and high efficiency.
  • Stable and durable
  • Standard sample available
  • Main Customers: VivoTEK Taiwan, MOXA, Honeywell, BOSCH
  • Ship country: Taiwan, Canada, Germany
Applying customized heater shapes, voltages, power possibilities and special zoning of the circuit, ensure the camera to be well-functioned under critical weather conditions in minus degrees‐operating temperature, allow the system to perform effectively and receive heat precisely where it is needed.