Kapton Foil Company

Kapton Foil Company|Kapton Foil Heater manufacturer in Taiwan-MIYO

MIYO is Kapton Foil Heater Manufacturer, At the request of customers in need of a reliable source of customized heating element, We established in year 2000, a young aggressive company.

Our 0.2mm kapton heater were highly customized that can design pattern/dimension depend on your system voltage and wattage that system required based on polyimide film. Working condition can from -40 degree Celsius  to 150 degree Celsius meet nearly 95% of user condition and requirements.

In addition, there is also a dummy heater application on our heater using to conduct simulation test in chip wattage-heat and sink design before manufacturing loaded. Engineer will also use our heater solution to overcome their problem on cold start. 

Service:Polyimide Heater, Polyester Film Heater, Silicone Rubber Heater, Seat Heater, Rear Mirror Heater, Water Tank  and Pipe Heater, Battery Heater, Gear Grip Heater, Heated Glove, Chip Set Heater, Panel Heating, Motor Heater, Camera Heater, Bio Heater, Medical Heater