Battery heater development

Battery applications are becoming more widespread

electric cars, electric cars, electric bicycles, etc.

The batteries in these applications have a common disadvantage: low temperature discharge efficiency low

Low temperature is below 0 degrees. The battery discharge efficiency drops below 50% of the original design.

Therefore, the application of battery heating : preheating the battery by heater

Make the working temperature above 0 degrees

This job wait until the battery itself is discharged and then warm it to 0-10 degrees.

So that the battery has the best discharge efficiency

Practical design

The power consumption of the heater chip must also be considered

A large pull of power will make the power consumption too large

Consume the original battery capacity

Therefore, the composite heating sheet introduced by MIYO Technology

It can effectively heat the battery core to achieve the heating function with minimum power.

The heater chip can also be used with the temperature switch (thermostat) to automatically jump off at the set temperature to protect the function of the battery cell and the heater.

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