Made In Taiwan: Low power consumption thin film heater use in parking lot device

Parking lot equipment application: payment machine. Geomagnetic vacancy induction, etc. Most of the parking lots are located outdoors and may cause electronic equipment failure in extreme environments and low temperatures. Therefore, the low-productivity thin heating pad designed and produced by our company can meet the requirements at the same time. - low power consumption -high efficiency - Ultra-thin 0.10mm does not take up space - Fast and lossless installation with PSA - Low temperature t...

Future applications: 5G,AI outdoor device heater

There estimate more 2 million set of 5G base device world wide in 2020 and continue increase. 5G, The 5th generation communication revolutions, which will be largely increase and participate into ours life which from mobile phone, IOT device, indoor electric device, automobile device, military and communication device. Nearly all device need to be internet connected and linked. When linked, ten of thousands device around us must need work function properly. Indoor is fine but wh...

MTBF up to 100K hours polyimide film heater supplier

MTBF (Mean time between failure) up to 100K hours polyimide film heater! MIYO announce our polyimide kapton heater that pass MTBF test up to 100K hours(100000 hours) Which means you can evaluate our heater under condition for more than 10 years. This is our production level upgrade and quality commitment to our customers. We believe we can be your best confident and trusted heater supplier. Contact us for more information.

Battery heater development

Battery applications are becoming more widespread electric cars, electric cars, electric bicycles, etc. The batteries in these applications have a common disadvantage: low temperature discharge efficiency low Low temperature is below 0 degrees. The battery discharge efficiency drops below 50% of the original design. Therefore, the application of battery heating : preheating the battery by heater Make the working temperature above 0 degrees This job wait until the battery itself is discharg...


Recently, our lab conduct another test is to use Intel Coffee Lake processor to be heated from -35 to 0 degree c. In most of the industrial and military applications, cpu and pch chip shut down while in minus temperature is very common issue. In past, only solution is use film heater but another issue is how much wattage we need in real applications. Now, MIYO Technology lab finish a complete test that use heater with 2-4-6-8 w/cm.sq. This 4 type different heat density all can heat...

We are now UL 499 heater certified factory!!

In October,2018. MIYO establish a new milestone is product line and quality achievement. That is we having UL 499 heater certified for our Polyimide film series product. In certified scope, film heater product dimension from 30*30mm to 240*350mm and with watt density 0.8w/ All can apply into this UL number. This UL 499 heater product certified not only can increase your product reliability but also great confidence to your customers. To know more about our heater produc...

New Heater analysis technology involved- Infra camera by FLIR

We are not just manufacturing heater, but also provide more analysis data for your better result advise. The first one film heater company that use infra device in Taiwan.

New product application launch in June 2018

MIYO Technology was established in 2001, it has been committed to providing superior low-temperature solutions for major companies. We use Polyester substrate as the heating sheet insulation material and upgrade it to the Polyimide Film substrate, material max working temperature can increased from 80 degrees to 150 degrees C. MIYO now become the domestic and Asia-Pacific region's premier developer of heating film. In June 2018, we also launched new application solutions for ba...

Heater application of Medical manufacturing 2018@ Singapore

MIYO are now planning joinMedical manufacturing 2018@ Singapore There, we will bring most updated heater applications in medical and biotechnology industries. We are welcome see you there. Visit exhibition website.

Application of heater in battery industrial

Hybrid and battery driven engine had become giant wave trend in automobile industrial field. This newly applications will bring battery play a important role of power supply, but so far as we know current power li-on technology will facing battery output lost up to 40-50% while in minus degree temperature. Thus, there are more and more battery need to have heater design in. Battery with heater design in can largely increase battery performance due heater can provide pre-...

Foldable film heater

In the development of electric heating film, can be divided into hard and soft heating film: Ming You soft heating film can be called flexible heating film, due to the material characteristics, the flexible electric heating plate can be designed on the electric heating plate to make the product more resistant to distortion of appearance. Based on our patented design, Electric heating plate can be more than 90 degrees bending design and will not affect the current and heating film applications...