PCR: Important Equipment for Detecting COVID-19-MIYO provides the design and production of heating elements for global manufacturers manufacturers

Coronavirus COVID-19 PCR

The menacing Coronavirus in 2020 has infected more than 17 million people worldwide and caused countless deaths by the time of writing.

The most severely infected countries are the United States, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom and other advanced and developing countries.

In other words, the virus has spread rapidly across the world regardless of national boundaries.

One of the most powerful tools for detecting Coronavirus is PCR testing equipment

But did you know that among the major manufacturers of PCR testing equipment that account for more than half of the global market, the important component heater supplier is from Taiwan.


MIYO Technology plays the role of an unsung hero in this critical war against the epidemic

MIYO Technology’s industrial-grade Kapton heater provides heating for the 96-hole or 384-hole test tube tray in PCR equipment for major testing equipment manufacturers

And meet the uniformity temperature requirements of the world's major manufacturers. Since 2012, the cooperation time has been as long as 8 years. The total shipment even came to more than 200,000 pieces

This year, because of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the demand has greatly increased, and the annual shipment volume will be on the spectrum of 30,000 pieces.

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