Application of heater in battery industrial


Hybrid and battery driven engine had become giant wave trend in automobile industrial field.

This newly applications will bring battery play a important role of power supply, but so far as we know current power li-on technology will facing battery output lost up to 40-50% while in minus degree temperature.

Thus, there are more and more battery need to have heater design in.

  1. Battery with heater design in can largely increase battery performance due heater can provide pre-heat function to avoid battery temperature in minus temperature.
  2. MIYO's battery heater solution which can provide film heater all were customized to your battery's dimension, voltage, and wattage.
  3. Our customer will have our special design heater with adhesive stick onto battery to having heat function.
  4. We can also provide thermal fuse integrated with heater pattern to provide safety design if heater were over heated situation or out of control.

If you are seeking similar battery heating solution, MIYO engineer are very welcome to provide you suggestion and solutions.

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