Applications for the flexible Polyimide heater

Heater are also called flexible heater, thin film heater, kapton heater (polyimide kapton)

The main application of flexible heater is environmental sustainability.
The electric component such as system soc/cpu, panel, hard drive, memory/ram, battery will facing problem shut down or display issue, low efficiency on Li-on battery.
Thus, engineer will design heater with mechanical to solve these problem.
Our 0.2mm kapton heater were highly customized that can design pattern/dimension depend on your system voltage and wattage that system required based on polyimide film

Working condition can from -40 degree Celsius  to 150 degree Celsius meet nearly 95% of user condition and requirements.

In addition, there is also a dummy heater application on our heater using to conduct simulation test in chip wattage-heat and sink design before manufacturing loaded.

Engineer will also use our heater solution to overcome their problem on cold start. 

Ex: Foxconn and compal, Asus, Varta, Sunon, Auras, Cooler Master, Nexcom, Invetec, CCIC to design IPC/MPC/Camera/Dummy heater and many of industrial grade products.

The other important part of heater application is medical devices heater such as CPAP,Thermal cycler, Respirators, Incubators and instrument to be warming by our thin film heater.

With our special pattern design and material selection, our medical application heater can increase your stability in device and reliability on medical requirement.

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Polyimide Kapton